Seven Essential Marketing Tips for Nigerian SMEs

1. Know your customers
The most important thing in marketing to any target group is first understanding who your customer is. It would be a disaster to attempt to sell to people you don’t know. A thorough target audience analysis is important to break into any market. The customer is the king, to serve the king, you must know the king.

2. Meet your audience where they spend their time
The best way to connect with your target is to connect with them using platforms where they already spend their time. This include connecting with them online and offline if needs be. If your target can be connected with at conferences and events, go their to connect with them. If Linkedin is their thing, go there and connect with them. As much as possible, show up.

3. Use technology
One smart and cheap way to market today is to use existing technology which are easier and cheaper. Use social media marketing, email marketing , content marketing tools, CRMtools etc. Be accessible via online platforms. Ensure when people search for your name or services related to what you do, you can easily be found.

4. Invest in your employees
Your staff are your most precious asset, they are brands number evangelists. Give them the training they need to do their jobs well. From your receptionist to your salesmen, make sure they are motivated, have the tools they need and understand their role in the business plan. If everyone works together, your business will look after itself. A business that does not invest in its people is definitely heading for a doom.

5. Be accessible
Today’s customers want to reach you on the go. Give them everything they need to connect with you. A phone number, an email, social media platforms, chat platforms. We are seeing a new trend in contact details. SMEs are adding Whatsapp details to their contact details. If your customers want to connect with you via Whatsapp, make yourself available there.

6. Invest in good brand design
Getting a great logo, banner and visual communication elements today is not longer as expensive as they use to be. So go out there and create great looking marketing materials. Small marketing materials like your business card goes a long way in helping your potential customers form an opinion of you. This is why you must never joke with them. Make use of print marketing as they are tangible, cheap and affordable.

7. Master customer service like a boss
The customers is the blood of any business. Businesses die because of one major reason; When they run out of customers who are willing to pay for products and services. This is why you must invest in customer service like it’s the only thing. The role of marketing is not just to find new customers but to win them, keep them and add more customers to existing ones.



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