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According to the World Bank, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contribute up to 45% of total employment and up to 33% of national income (GDP) of emerging countries, Nigeria included. SMEs in Nigeria, in particular, are said to represent over 90% of businesses in the country. They are also said to contribute about 75% of Nigeria’s national employment; making them incredibly important to the economic growth of the country. Small businesses in Nigeria have their challenges; lack of funding, poor infrastructural support, inadequate entrepreneurial/managerial skills, rigid government policies and even unreasonable operational costs. These are issues affecting many SMEs who, we believe, should grow to become big businesses that will drive Nigeria to greater economic heights. So where does Red Star Express Plc come in? Through the SME 1000 platform. The SME 1000 Platform is one that can help address some of the issues plaguing small businesses in Nigeria. Red Star Express