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2018 is almost over and we cannot stop recounting our blessings over the last 12 months. We imagine you have been doing the same as well. Our achievements in the last year are too numerous to count and they form the basis for our gratitude. We thank our partners, who have engaged us in different projects and initiatives in 2018. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to doing more with you in 2019. Our clients have trusted us with their businesses throughout 2018. We cannot thank you enough for letting us handle your logistics needs. For every pick-up and drop-off achieved, for every truckload moved and every dispatch rider utilized, for every delivery made on your behalf…we say Thank You. We cannot forget our numerous customers, who walk into our centres regularly and trust us to deliver not just your items, but your wishes as well. We know that for every delivery, there is a happy customer. We are grateful for the opportunity to ensu


The first thing, most times, that comes to mind about the festive season is the concept of sharing. The year is coming to an end and many people have a lot to be thankful for; whether it is the gift of life, health, provision, friends or family. As regards friends and family, this season provides you another opportunity to appreciate your loved ones for their support over the last 12 months. One way to do this is to share gifts, especially when you haven’t done so over the course of the year. There is no better time to get a gift for your loved ones than this season. Getting the gift is one thing, getting it across to friends and family is another. Some will be far away from you this period, while some will be close by. Nevertheless, you can still get their gifts across to every one of them… because we’re here for you . Let us deliver your gifts to your loved ones, regardless of where they are; within or outside Nigeria. Don’t worry about who misses out, worry about who