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5 Important Factors Every Startup SME Must Consider

Are you one of those people that say, ‘The current economy is not favourable to start a business?’ Starting a business is always a risk. A small-scale business is a privately owned business with a small employee capacity. It ranges from operating a small shop like a bakery, saloon, restaurant to online businesses and to professional firms like an accounting firm or a law firm. Small-scale businesses in Nigeria face a lot challenges, but the major ones include bankruptcy, social responsibility, and quality of job. Most consumers would rather use a ‘known brand’ or buy from a ‘trusted brand’ than use a new small-scale business. This is because your brand is probably yet to prove its job quality capacity. Small-scale businesses plays a major role in building an economy. It help stimulate local economies by providing local individuals with jobs, as well as products and services to community members. 1) Innovation One key fact is that, no idea is original. This means whatever


Imagine you have your own online store. Finally! your own online store. Items are coming in with your customers waiting in line as they have made their various orders. It’s going to be a great Christmas period because you plan to sell out your stock faster than anyone can imagine. Your items are in and the avalanche of orders have poured in. Great right? However, it’s getting too much to handle. Too many orders and so little time to deliver. Some items can’t even get off the shelf because you are swamped. This is not the time to offend your customers. They have plans for those items that they paid for. Some even paid extra for early delivery!!. What do you do? Can you split yourself into multiple persons to deliver? Of course not. However, that’s why YOU (yes You) need Red Star E-Commerce Solutions . At Red Star Express Plc, our E-Commerce Solutions Platform offers the best logistics solutions to e-commerce sites looking to expand their customer reach; both locally and int

Rome Business School Nigeria partners Goldtracts on Entrepreneurship Development

The duo, Rome Business School Nigeria and Goldtracks Business Place Limited, Lagos have signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) on Small Medium Enterprise(SME) entrepreneurship development programme in Nigeria. Speaking at the ceremony held at Rome Business School, Yaba in Lagos, its Country Manager, Dr Humphrey Akanazu said: “We believe that as a result of this MOU, more Nigerians would be positively engaged, get jobs, venture into their own businesses, gain innovative ideas and gain expanded Entrepreneurial Expertise.” Akanazu who expressed delight in the MoU, explained that the partnership was to enhance the SME Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria. He explained that Rome Business School Nigeria operates as an extended campus for Rome Business School in Italy, adding that it is an International Managerial Training and Research Institute with the aim of providing Managerial training courses for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Professional, Multinationals, Companies, Organ


The Red Star  E-Commerce  Black Friday Promo continues this week as e-commerce merchants can now ship more to their customers this festive season. The promo runs until Friday 15 th  December, 2017. Here’s why you can’t miss out: 20% Off Shipping Costs : Merchants stand to enjoy a discount of 20% or more when they ship using Red Star  E-Commerce  Solutions. This means that you can ship your products to your customers for 20% less (in terms of cost). This  ALSO  means that you can ship more to your customers as they order from you. No Charges for Returns : You read that right. We’ve giving ZERO charges for item returns when you  ship with us. This means that you pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (not one kobo) if an item you shipped with Red Star  E-Commerce  Solutions has to be returned to you. So feel free to send as much as you can. We won’t charge you for bringing back an item that can’t be delivered. Access to the Largest Delivery Network : With Red Star  E-Commerce  Solutions, you can