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Why Growth Could Be the Worst Thing to Happen to Your Business

We’re constantly fed this idea that if our business isn’t growing, it’s failing. Fortunately, like anything in business, one rule doesn’t always apply. This is where business advice and reputable studies differ. Rapid or unchecked growth can end up being the downfall of a business, instead of its guiding light. It’s not that growth is bad or should be avoided at all costs, it’s just that it should be questioned before proceeding. Growing our businesses could be the worst decision we make for the longevity of them. Let’s look at five reasons why growth may not make sense for our companies. 1. Resilience.  As Dean Becker, CEO of Adaptiv Learning Systems, told me, the amount of resilience a person has is the most important part of their ability to succeed -- and accounts for more than even their training, education or experience. Luckily, our ability to be resilient is not just an innate trait we’re either born with or not. Being resilient requires that we focus on and work to


Moving items from one place to another can be a hassle. You have to worry about getting the item and taking it to where it has to be delivered. You also have to ensure that the recipient has received the item, because that’s how you are sure that it has been delivered. You could get a delivery service to deliver the item for you, but then you would have to call or send an email or walk down to a centre to send the item. What if you don’t get a reply? What if no one answers the call? What if there’s traffic on the way to the centre? Too many uncertainties. But let us tell you what is certain: Our Online Shipping Feature. This feature allows our clients and customers to order pick-up and delivery of their parcels and documents, without having to visit any of our Express Centres/make calls/send emails. Customers will immediately know the cost of moving their items once they input the details of what is to be shipped on the feature. Transit times and other information regarding t


Welcome to 2019. We are so excited for another year because it gives us another chance to do what we love; serving you better. We are grateful for your patronage over the last year and we look forward to exceeding your expectations in 2019. There is much to look forward to. Over the last year, we have expanded our horizons with the establishment of new business platforms aimed at proffering logistics solutions for businesses in the Agriculture, Technology and Packaging industries. With this development, we can now offer services such as Printing, Specialized Packaging, Agro Trading, E-Commerce Logistics, and Enterprise Solutions. If your business needs fall along the aforementioned services, don’t hesitate to call us. Our services will be more accessible this year; both online and on your mobile phones. Our Online Shipping Feature is up and running on our website ( and it has experienced tremendous growth since becoming functional last year. Individual