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Moving goods over long distances can be tricky. Moving large goods over long distances can be trickier. You constantly worry about how they are handled while in transit. You think about what could go wrong during those long hours as the goods are moved to their intended location. What if the goods don’t get there on time? What if they don’t even get to the intended locations? What if they get delivered…somewhere else?! And the clearing of these goods…how will you handle it? All these worries, and you haven’t even started discussing how they will be moved out of the port to where you need them to be delivered. The word ‘Freight’ comes to mind when you think of how large cargo is moved from one country to another, especially when the goods have to be moved overseas. In Nigeria, we have many importers who ship in many goods using massive containers. For many of them, the best part of the process is when the goods are finally delivered. For us, the best part SHOULD be the ent