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Top 10 Ways to Inspire Your Staff

When you look out on your workers, what do you see? Is it a team of hard-workers who love what they do or a group of professionals just trying to get through their day? Either way, it could have a lot more to do with you than you might think. You may have hired the perfect team with extensive experience and a proven track record, but if their enthusiasm is waning, it may be time to re-evaluate your management style. To help you rethink your leadership strategy, we’ve created a helpful list of 10 easy ways to inspire your staff, keeping them motivated and ready to take on any challenge. 1. Stop micromanaging Nobody likes to be micromanaged. If your employees feel like they constantly have someone looking over their shoulder, they’ll be too nervous to try new things, which limits their potential. By taking a step back and giving your team more autonomy, you’re showing that you have faith in their ability to get the job done, which can inspire them to give it their all. 2. Make it safe to

FG releases new details on MSMEs support scheme, budgets N200 billion for loans

  The Federal Government has released new details on the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) support scheme being rolled out under the National Economic Sustainability Programme. According to estimates provided, the sum of N50 billion will be used to provide payroll support, N200 billion for loans to artisans, and N10 billion support to private transport companies and workers. The government disclosed in a tweet on the official handle of the government, the support scheme will include a Guaranteed Off-take Scheme for priority products, and an MSMEs Survival Fund. Modalities for the take-off scheme The first track is a Guaranteed Off-take Scheme which will ensure continued local production and safeguard 100,000 existing small businesses to save 300,000 jobs. Priority products include processed foods, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizers, face-masks, face-shield, shoe-covers and pharmaceuticals. The implementation committee chaired by Ambassador Mariam Katagum, Minister