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8 Steps to Launching an E-Commerce Business This Week

If I told you that you could launch an e-commerce business this week, would you think I was crazy? 
Well, it’s true -- you can.
Thanks to the internet, there is essentially nothing stopping you from creating and launching a product in less than a week. I’m not just talking the talk -- I’ve walked the walk. My teeth-whitening brand was brainstormed while on vacation in Hawaii and I launched it within a week of returning home. 
If you want to do the same, follow these eight steps and you can have an online brand up and operational in a week.
(1) Identify A High-Potential Product. There are several things you need to consider when deciding what your product offering will be. You will want to find something that has a large global demand, high margins and can be easily warehoused and fulfilled.  Google Trends, eBay Top Products and Amazon Best Sellers are all great resources to help you identify hot products. For example, fidget spinners are currently the hottest products, with new website…


Moving goods over long distances can be tricky. Moving large goods over long distances can be trickier. You constantly worry about how they are handled while in transit. You think about what could go wrong during those long hours as the goods are moved to their intended location. What if the goods don’t get there on time?What if they don’t even get to the intended locations?What if they get delivered…somewhere else?!And the clearing of these goods…how will you handle it? All these worries, and you haven’t even started discussing how they will be moved out of the port to where you need them to be delivered.
The word ‘Freight’ comes to mind when you think of how large cargo is moved from one country to another, especially when the goods have to be moved overseas. In Nigeria, we have many importers who ship in many goods using massive containers. For many of them, the best part of the process is when the goods are finally delivered. For us, the best part SHOULD be the entire process. No o…

Six Stages of Venture Development

Preparing to start a business typically occurs over a period of time, unless you are thrust into emergency mode by losing a job, or arriving as an immigrant in a country without a financial source of livelihood. Also, entrepreneurship is rarely a first occupation since people normally gain business experience and skills by working for others.

Individuals usually pass through various stages of development in making a decision to open their own business. The venture development stages outlined below are presented in a logical sequence; however, the steps frequently overlap and do not always occur in the order presented.

1) Discomfort:  There is discomfort in one’s life due to a variety of causes such having a lousy job or no job at all, wanting to make a change in one’s occupation, desiring to live in a distant location, seeking more personal and political freedom, and/or migrating to another country.

2) Ideation: One begins dreaming and developing ideas for a better future for oneself a…

N5,000 Business Name Registration Cost Extended To March –FG

In the bid to make the business environment for entrepreneurs, the Federal Government has extended the window for registration of business names at the reduced cost of N5,000.00 by 90 days to end by March.

The cost of registration of business names is N10,000. However, Moses Adagusu, the Deputy Director, Public Affairs, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), in a statement, noted that the move was part of efforts by the Federal Government to deepen the benefits of government’s reform initiatives and as well as support for the growth of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

It would be recalled that the commission under its Business Incentive Strategy (BIS), had reduced the cost of business name registration from N10,000 to N5,000 for a period of three months , October 1,2018 to  December 31, 2018.

According to Adagusu, the BIS is aimed at creating a window for MSMEs to formalise their businesses, which will enable them own corporate accounts with banks, have access to loans, …


If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation -Richard Attias (one of Africa’s foremost business personalities)
In recent years, Nigeria has identified agriculture as a viable alternative to oil, in terms of being a source of revenue for the country. In 2018, the agricultural sector’s allocation in the national budget received a 15-billion-naira increase, compared to its allocation in 2017. This speaks volumes of the opportunities available in agriculture.
Nigeria is blessed to have many agro-products that can be exported to earn revenue for businesses; from rice to vegetables, to yams and even pepper. Our business has evolved in a way that ensures that we can handle the logistics of transporting and exporting of YOUR agro-products; whether it is within or outside Nigeria.
We have cold-chain trucks designed to keep highly perishable goods in good condition as they are transported within the country. These trucks are highly secure and will enable us to deliver your products on time to anywh…

Why Growth Could Be the Worst Thing to Happen to Your Business

We’re constantly fed this idea that if our business isn’t growing, it’s failing. Fortunately, like anything in business, one rule doesn’t always apply.

This is where business advice and reputable studies differ. Rapid or unchecked growth can end up being the downfall of a business, instead of its guiding light. It’s not that growth is bad or should be avoided at all costs, it’s just that it should be questioned before proceeding.

Growing our businesses could be the worst decision we make for the longevity of them. Let’s look at five reasons why growth may not make sense for our companies.

1. Resilience. 
As Dean Becker, CEO of Adaptiv Learning Systems, told me, the amount of resilience a person has is the most important part of their ability to succeed -- and accounts for more than even their training, education or experience.

Luckily, our ability to be resilient is not just an innate trait we’re either born with or not. Being resilient requires that we focus on and work towards developing…


Moving items from one place to another can be a hassle. You have to worry about getting the item and taking it to where it has to be delivered. You also have to ensure that the recipient has received the item, because that’s how you are sure that it has been delivered. You could get a delivery service to deliver the item for you, but then you would have to call or send an email or walk down to a centre to send the item. What if you don’t get a reply? What if no one answers the call? What if there’s traffic on the way to the centre? Too many uncertainties.
But let us tell you what is certain: Our Online Shipping Feature. This feature allows our clients and customers to order pick-up and delivery of their parcels and documents, without having to visit any of our Express Centres/make calls/send emails. Customers will immediately know the cost of moving their items once they input the details of what is to be shipped on the feature. Transit times and other information regarding their items…