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8 Business Growth Lessons We Can All Learn From Savings Apps In Nigeria

There are more than 13 savings and investment apps in Nigeria. These apps make it easy to save and invest money with higher interests than banks. In a recent article, Techpoint published a roundup of  leading savings apps in Nigeria . After reading that article I decided to automate my savings. But, before making my final selection, I checked out the platform and studied their growth strategy.  After my analysis, I started using three of the apps. In this article, my goal is to share with you eight growth strategies used by some of the apps and how you can adapt those growth strategies to your business. Design Your Product To Solve Major Issues Facing Your Users. Before you launch, your first goal is to find out the core problem users want you to solve with the product.  In the case of these apps, the problem is helping people develop savings habit. As a result, the main product feature created helped users to automate monthly savings and discourage impulse withdrawa