“ICT Has Potential Of Becoming Nigeria's Major Revenue Source.” – Celestine Okolie

The Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) Industry is a growing industry in Nigeria. Many startups over the years have been established in that sector and with the rapid evolution of technology on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why ICT is very popular. 

ENG Technologies Nigeria is one of those companies looking to stay ahead of the many ones in ICT and it is headed by Celestine Okolie. In his interview as part of the SME 1000 Hotseat Series, he talks about his business, challenges and thoughts on the ICT Industry in Nigeria.


Q: Tell us about your business.

A: I am Celestine Okolie. My Business name is ENG Technologies Nigeria. ENG Technologies Nigeria is an indigenous Information and Communication Technology Company registered in Nigeria. The company offers a diversified range of ICT services and Business solutions. Recently, I branched out to include the marketing and sale of Android Entertainment Devices, specifically the Android Smart TV Boxes & related accessories. This has been my major focus at the moment as I have an online eCommerce site devoted to it.

Q: I am interested in the android smart TV...how does it work and how expensive are these devices?

A: An Android TV box has the ability to transform any TV into a smart TV, giving users access to television shows, live sports, movies as well as a multitude of applications and games. The multimedia device can also play music and offers a web browser for access to the Internet. It uses ONLY Internet; no mask, no disc, and no antenna. They are NOT expensive, plus they come in different sizes and capacities

Q: What kind of ICT services do you offer?

A: I offer a diversified range of ICT services and Business software solutions; including Office Automation, eLearning, Document Management System, School Management Solutions, e-Library Solutions and eCommerce.

Q: How has the ICT system helped businesses to grow?

A: In many, many ways. My background is on ICT; both theory and practice. I'm beginning to see everything I have learned over the years coming together, especially at this time, to determine and pace most things I do. For instance, I developed the site for Android TV Boxes (www.androidtvhub.com.ng) all alone (this would have cost a large amount otherwise). I still handle all online marketing. Moreover, customer support on this line of product is very technical. I have been able to use my idea of Information Technology to go on.

Q: Which of your services is your most sought after?...

A: The sale of Android TV Boxes & Accessories. I have also re-configured to give it full attention for now!!!

Q: In your opinion, what is the potential of the ICT Industry in Nigeria?

A: Well, in my opinion, I think that ICT has potential of becoming Nigeria's major revenue source. It’s just that the right environment, in terms of road map, is not clearly visible.

Q: What challenges is your business facing?

A: Actually, it’s getting more customers. The technology is new, and we battle a lot to make customers to understand the usefulness and how to use it.

Q: Do you organise trainings for those interested in digital marketing ?

A: No training for digital marketing.
Android TV Hub is the eCommerce arm of ENG Technologies Nigeria and it offers several cool devices, including the Android TV Box. Check them out on their website www.androidtvhub.com.ng. You can also reach Celestine on his phone number 0706 766 7070.
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