The Catering and Confectionary business in Nigeria is a largely lucrative endeavour. Simply put, Nigerians don’t play when it comes to food. Therefore, it is not surprising that many individuals are into the profession of making food on a daily basis. With such a crowded industry, it takes a certain level of zeal and attitude to stay successful in it. Yewande is one of those with the zeal and attitude required to be on top of her peers. In this interview, she talks about her two businesses; Famous 5 Caterers and Wendelicious Treats, as well as her challenges and what got her into the business in the first place.


Q: Please tell us about yourself. How did you venture into catering?

A: My name is Yewande Oyibo, Chief Responsibility Officer of Famous 5 Caterers & Wendelicious Treats. I'm also married. My Late Mum was a Caterer and I like Owambes with a passion; especially the food and drinks aspect.

Q: Yewande, What does Famous 5 stand for?

A: Famous 5 was a nickname given to my siblings and I by my Mum. We are 5 in number. When she passed on, the nickname became a business name.

Q: When did you start the business?

A: August 12, 2007

Q: Early challenges?

A: Lack of structure. I was just cooking for my Friends and church programmes.

Q: Is Wendelicious Treats another business?

A: Yes. I separated the Confectionery business from the Catering business

Q: Why and how did you do that?

A: I want the two brands to run independently for clarification and ease of business. The Catering business is wide and I find some clients asking me from time to time if I make cakes and pastries; because they see more of food on my social media pages.

Q: How did you grow your customer base?

A: Through Social Media. I also try my very best to keep in touch with my Customers, through their feedback, as well as Word of Mouth, Networking, Referrals, and Outdoor sales.

Q: 10 years in business is not easy, can you tell us how it’s been so far?

A: It's been an adventurous journey of learning and unlearning of how to run a business.

Q: How do you handle clients who owe?

A: I'm a correct Ijebu Woman (lol). In my 10 years of business, it's just one customer that has owed me for one straight year and it's because she's my girlfriend. I have a 70% first installment payment policy, and 30% once your job is done.

Q: How would you advise someone planning to start this kind business?

A: He/she should go for a proper training on whatever  he/she decides to do; either in Catering or Confectionery. Attend a business class too. Aside from skills, he/she needs to learn the business aspect.

Q: Do you have special offers or discounts?

A: Yes I do from time to time, especially in periods like Valentine, Easter, Christmas Or our Anniversary etc.

Q: Do you organize training?

A: Yes I organize training quarterly.

Q: Who is your mentor in this business?

A: Ikeolu Biobaku of Mixnbake Confectionery. I also follow top catering outfits on Instagram and I have learnt a whole lot from them; especially Bankress Catering Services.

You can find Famous 5 Caterers on social media on Instagram (@famous5caterers). You can also contact Yewande on 0803 848 5129.

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