How To Get New Clients Using Social Media

As we all know social media has become an important tool for brand awareness and customer acquisition. Different brands have different challenges. Finding new customers is an important aspect of any business whether the business is new or old. Nowadays, social selling, social networks have increased and has turned into some of the valuable channels for attracting new customers. Social media has become one of the great distribution channels for the promotion of products or services.

Before finding new customers on social media, be sure that all of your social media profiles are set up properly. Always try to tailor your strategy in a way that makes sense for your brand.

There are few universal ways to help your company to attract new faces on the social media. Take a look at the following ways you can use social networking websites to find new customers or clients.

  1. Referral traffic through friend invite
  • Using friend invites has become one of the new tricks to increase customers through social media referrals.
  • Using of friend’s invite will help you to find new customers.
  • The people who are already engaged with your websites are more likely to refer higher quality leads.
  • With the help of friend’s invite, it will allow you to find out more people who are more likely to become customers.
  1. Be active on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Try to join more groups on LinkedIn and Facebook where the owners of small business hang out.
  • Try to build attention of the group and this will help you to add value to the group.
  • This will help you in finding the new customers you are looking for. Also, will allow you to add credibility to your products or services.
  • Thus, being active on LinkedIn and Facebook groups will allow you to know exactly what your new customer is interested in.
  1. Use images
  • Photos engage a person twice as words, as a picture is worth than a thousand words.
  • So, if you are looking to attract some new customers, start snapping some pictures.
  • Adding pictures will inspire discussion and engagement, help in gaining valuable customer feedback.
  • Thus, using images will provide followers some visual inspiration and insight into your creative process.
  1. Post consistently
  • If you are not using your social media for weeks then you are not doing any favors to your followers.
  • Not posting any post on social media for weeks or even for many days can kill the enthusiasm that you have built earlier. This can lead uninterested customers un-following you.
  • Try to make a schedule that suits your workflow and keep it continue.
  • Post your work from the week on Sunday mornings and it should be just consistent, it should not be a huge undertaking.
  1. Create compelling content
  • The more original and useful your content is, the higher the probability of it being shared.
  • So, conduct some original research which will be very useful for your clients.
  • Also, try to be completely creative about your content and make your customers laugh.
  • Thus, try to create some compelling, original and useful content.
  1. Include call to actions in your social videos
  • Social video platforms like YouTube is an excellent social media networking website to generate social media referral traffic to your website and attract new customers too.
  • Always keep in mind if you are using social videos as your marketing strategy always remember to include a call-to-action either at the end of the video or in the description.
  • This can help the people to land on the web page where they can sign up to download the product guide.


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